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Does your child ever feel anxious, sad, or mad and not know what to do?


If your answer is yes, Great Big Breath has the solution for you!

Once the Great Big Breath is applied, kids instantly feel better and connect more deeply to their parent/caregiver all while hanging out with Quinn, the lovely main character in this wonderfully illustrated children’s book.


Learning mindfulness has been proven to help children find a greater sense of calm and learn to self-regulate when difficult emotions are present. Teaching kids this easy-to-learn skill can lay the foundation for greater self-awareness, resilience and an overall happier life.

Get the Great Big Breath and help your child learn to self-regulate and feel better quickly!

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Great Big Breath, developed by respected psychotherapist DW Long, teaches children and parents a simple and easy-to-learn mindful breathing technique to help kids find a moment of calm.


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In paperback and Ebook versions

Great Big Breath

Is the new award winning children's book from author DW Long
and award winning Illustrator Sarah-Leigh Wills
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