I Help You


With Your

Best Self


I am personal development coach as well as a therapist in private practice. My life purpose is to help others maximize their capacity for joy and abundance while embracing the beauty of their true nature.

If you have anxiety, are struggling to find your forward momentum or simply need a good sounding board to critically think through your next moves, join me in exploring your capacity to create the life you truly desire!

Whether I am working with teams doing equine assisted coaching or working with you 1-on-1 in an online video call, you can count on me to be fully present to your needs.

Explore the quality of your being...

Step into your capacity to thrive!


Currently accepting invitations for speaking and leading workshops.

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Inspiration from Dawna Markova
The Wanderer's Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity Podcast
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The Wanderer's Guide is the fun way to explore the quality of our being in the world, get curious about our capacity to thrive and align with our best self!